Constantia Flexibles ( introduces Flexible Blister, a packaging solution designed with an emphasis on portability and customer convenience.

The new solution is run on conventional strip packaging equipment and maintains similar barrier protections provided by traditional blister packaging, though with completely flexible film on both sides.

The Flexible Blister is suitable for oral dosage pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and personal care pills, and viable for both over-the-counter and prescription medicines. Like traditional blister packaging solutions, it can accommodate various specifications, tablet sizes and shapes, as well as incorporate anti-counterfeiting measures.

The Flexible Blister utilizes the conventional, convenient push-through opening common in standard blister packaging. The force required to release the enclosed product can be customized for child-resistance and, conversely, accessibility for senior citizens.

In certain applications, consumer information can be affixed to or printed directly onto the strip packaging. This further emphasizes the packaging’s ease of use, as it can eliminate the need for consumers to carry a cumbersome secondary cardboard carton when traveling.

For manufacturers, Flexible Blister is a “drop-in” technology requiring no changes to production equipment, as the material can be seamlessly incorporated into existing strip-pack lines.