Toshiba America Business Solutions recycled more than 229 metric tons of e-waste – stemming from used toner products – in 2018.  The total marks the highest amount of e-waste the company has recycled in a calendar year. 

Since partnering with internationally-recognized recycler Close the Loop in 2008.Toshiba has prevented more than 1,229 metric tons — the equivalent weight of 10,712 average-sized professional football players — of e-waste from hitting landfills. 

Through Toshiba’s ecoSmart Toner Recycling program, the company’s spent imaging products are transformed into reusable material via a zero-thermal recovery process.  These components are often incorporated within future products thereby contributing to the circular economy.  

Powder recovered from recycled toner cartridges is a primary element in an asphalt product to resurface roads.  Plastic from spent toner consumables is also used to create pens and rulers.

Toshiba’s toner recycling program is a primary reason the company's award-winning e-STUDIO multifunction printers are listed on the EPEAT (Electronic Products Environmental Assessment Tool) registry, the definitive global rating system for greener electronics.