Perio Inc. wanted to modernize its classic, recognizable Barbasol product and partnered with Crown Holdings Inc. to launch a new package design that elevates the brand’s visual and tactile appeal. The design debuted on a new 7.0-oz. can and marks the first use of Crown’s debossing technology worldwide.

The debossing technique imprints the brand’s iconic stripes and logo at varying depths on the can, creating an exterior that helps catch the light and draw consumer attention at point-of-sale. As an added benefit, the package is easier to grip with wet hands thanks to the three-dimensional texture created by the debossing pattern. Five varieties will feature the new debossing: Soothing Aloe (Green), Sensitive Skin (Orange), Extra Moisturizing (Purple), Pacific Rush (Aqua) and Original (Red).

“Our longevity as a brand stems from our ability to modernize with the times without sacrificing our heritage or the relationships we have built with generations of consumers,” said Tim McNamara, vice president of marketing at Perio. “Partnering with Crown to introduce this new debossing technique is an example of that in action. Crown has been a great partner, guiding us through the development of this design. The end result is a package that modernizes the Barbasol brand and provides our customers with an enhanced shaving experience.”

The debossing technology, which can be used around the entire can surface, allows for wide latitude in terms of application and facilitates design creativity. The debossing process runs at full production speeds and is performed after the flat metal sheet has been printed and then formed into its cylindrical shape. Crown conducted accelerated elevated temperature package testing to help ensure internal coating performance and product compatibility. Critical barrier performance testing was also completed to confirm compatibility with high speed filling line requirements and compliance with all U.S. Department of Transportation legislation.

The new Barbasol shaving cream cans debuted in stores nationwide in early March 2019.