The redesign that clinched a deal with Pepsi.

Described as a ‘healthy’ energy drink, FRS doesn't depend on high doses of caffeine or sugar for its stimulating effect. Instead, it relies on a formula containing the antioxidant quercetin, which both supports the immune system and is clinically proven to boost energy.
With real science behind its 2004 debut, FRS earned the trust of pinnacle athletes like Tim Tebow and Lance Armstrong. But the brand knew that there was an opportunity to extend its reach and, in 2010, it landed a distribution deal with Pepsi that would do just that. The agreement, however, came with a mandate for a package redesign. Working with a San Francisco design firm, the brand revamped its packaging with bright colors and bold fruit graphics to heighten taste appeal and make FRS feel less like a supplement and more like a flavorful beverage.

The Bottom Line:
Redesigned FRS packaging began rolling out in January 2011 and was pivotal in realizing Pepsi distribution. The brand is now experiencing national success, with many stores reporting year-over-year sales growth. Since the new packaging launch and the Pepsi distribution deal, FRS is now found in more areas of grocery and drug stores and specialty retailers. They report that they “can’t keep product stocked fast enough.” BP
Package design: Hybrid Design, San Francisco