In a world gone fake, consumers’ desire for the genuine article has acquired new urgency. Reacting to the endless parade of Botox-ed celebrities, drug-enhanced athletes, and prevaricating politicians, people are searching for authenticity wherever they can find it, including the retail shelf. We most recently reported on this trend in the March 2008 issue ofBRANDPACKAGING (archives at


From high-tech cell phones to engineered foods, many brands like to boast about constant innovation. But in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world, Post Shredded Wheat cereal believes that providing people with the same trusted wholesome ingredient and brand for more than a century is actually a refreshing change.

“There’s been a marked change in American values, with a greater desire for honesty, trustworthiness, and security during a time of economic and societal uncertainly,” says Kelley Peters, director of integrated insights and strategy, Post Foods.  “Post’s marketing messages underscore the fact that Shredded Wheat has always been a simple, honest brand, and one of the healthiest foods on the grocery shelf.”

Post Shredded Wheat cereal is embracing this consistent, 117-year brand image with an extensive integrated marketing campaign. Packaging that features a serene, clean canvas with a beauty shot of a single piece of shredded wheat and emphasizes the word “original” dovetails nicely with the initiative.

The media campaign takes a humorous jab at the notion of progress being overrated by celebrating the brand’s timeless image and product offerings.  As the rates of obesity and heart disease continue to climb in the United States, there’s been a notable shift in the consumer mindset toward more wholesomeness and simplicity in food ingredients, and increased consumer demand for less processed and more natural ingredients. BP