Everyone’s looking to get a piece of the pie in the $172 billion U.S. consumer electronics industry, bolstered by the fact that the average U.S. household owns 25 consumer electronics products. Price and product features continue to be primary purchase drivers, but green attributes will increasingly be a factor, according to the Consumer Electronics Association. We most recently reported on this trend in the January 2009 issue ofBRANDPACKAGING (archives at www.brandpackaging.com).

>Simpler, Cleaner, Greener

If “the customer is always right,” then why not take her advice? Microsoft listened to what customers said they wanted and, in turn, created simple, easy-to-open green packaging for its Windows 7 software.

The Windows 7 packaging features a large Windows logo to clearly communicate what the product is, while large typeface also makes the package easy to read. Bright, bold background colors clearly differentiate each Windows 7 edition.

Microsoft also reduced the packaging materials to three: the plastic case, the paper sleeve and the Getting Started guide. With only one seal at the top of the plastic case, the disk is much easier for customers to access. And, the case is recyclable.

Overall, the packaging has reduced its weight by 37 percent and its econometrics score has improved by 50 percent over its predecessor. BP

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