It seems that, as the years go on, sustainable packaging gets more and more popular. In our May/June issue, we reported on findings from The Freedonia Group that U.S. demand for green packaging is projected to increase 3.4 percent annually to $43.9 billion in 2013; and we dedicated our April 2009 issue of BRANDPACKAGING to sustainability (archives at

First, there was the switch from corks to screwcaps. Now, some wine companies have taken an environmental turn, moving from glass to PET bottles. Specifically, Sausalito, Calif.-based Boisset Family Estates has introduced a California wine, Fog Mountain Merlot, in a 1L PET bottle. The recyclable bottle features an estimated 60 percent lower carbon footprint than traditional wine bottles. Plus, the 1L bottle offers 33 percent more wine (or two glasses) than typical 750mL bottles.
“We genuinely believe that it is vital for all of us to consider the environmental impact of our wines and our entire supply chain, and to find solutions to reduce our carbon footprint while delivering the highest quality, best value and most consumer benefits that we can,” says Jean-Charles Boisset, president of Boisset Family Estates.”
Once PET bottles are recycled, they can become new PET bottles, or even fleece fabric. In fact, the company states that seven of its BPA-free recycled PET bottles can produce enough material to create one extra-large t-shirt. Additionally, the bottles feature an oxygen barrier called MonOxbar that ensures the wine has a long shelf life: the bottle has no impact on the wine quality. It is shatterproof for safety and features a screwcap for ease-of-use and convenience.
Fog Mountain became available nationwide in June at JW Marriott hotels and at fine wine retailers. BP
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