A look at the brand marketing and design stores that caught our attention this week, with an eye on what's important, not just what's next: 

Brands are working to drive in-store purchases via location "check-in" apps. The potential for location-based marketing for CPG brands is "massive," says Pepsico, which launched a location-based marketing effort using Foursquare with retailers like Whole Foods in recent weeks.  Ad Age has the story.

CPG brands can solve the obesity crisis, but, first, stop beating them up. Former food exec says attack tactics by activists and regulators elicit the opposite reaction than what was intended. Rather than penalize the food industry, he says, create incentives for them to act in the public's best interest. Read it inThe Atlantic.

Ad Age's "America's Hottest Brands" of 2010.CPG brands are well representedin this special report,which recognizes everything from the big campaigns coming out of multinationals to the scrappy efforts of upstarts that are breaking through.

Study: People get emotional when they "break up" with brands, sometimes commit to harming them. A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research examines what happens when people turn their backs on brands they once loved. What's a brand to do to prevent such heightened emotions? Read thehighlights here.Or dig into thefull study here.

"Safe doesn't cut it anymore" ... Kraft makes seismic shifts in marketing its power brands.The once-staid marketer breaks ties with longtime agencies andexperiments with new smaller shopsto invigorate sales, beat back private label.