When searching for incontinence products, discretion and normalcy are of the utmost importance to shoppers. To reduce the anxiety people have when shopping these products, Kimberly-Clark launched a new line of Depend Underwear in colors and prints, resembling traditional underwear. Current Depend packages feature a green, opaque plastic wrap with a graphic of the product. The new line showcases the product through clear cellophane and offers a new, more discreet brand logo. “Our shopper insights show that men and women often experience significant anxiety and stress when shopping for these products, predominately due to the stigma that continues to exist with incontinence,” says Andrew Meurer, vice president of Kimberly-Clark North American feminine and adult care brands. “Our innovative new packaging looks just like a package of underwear. It is a significant step towards delivering a more underwear-like product and a more dignified shopping experience.”

April 2010

CBX Strategic Branding, www.cbx.com