In addition to reformulating its lubricants, oils and sprays to be more effective, Liquid Wrench has repackaged its product line to be more shopper-friendly. Consumer research uncovered how the target audience, do-it-yourselfers (or DIYers), select penetrating and lubricating products, and how important it was to purchase the correct tool every time. To aid consumers in their search, each Liquid Wrench package displays a mobile code for shoppers to text from their cell phones for instant product advice. “No longer will consumers have to hunt to find a salesperson to answer their questions or guess which product will solve their problem,” says Mike Guggenheimer, vice president of marketing for Liquid Wrench. “Our goal is to enable DIYers to learn for themselves by providing accurate and timely information.” Fitting with this goal, the packaging’s new logo features the image of an “expert” carrying a wrench. (Package design: Liggett Stashower,; Liquid Wrench,