Stonyfield introduces the first yogurt cup made from plants.

First, Stonyfield Farm switched its cup packaging from HDPE to polypropylene, a lighter weight plastic that prevented the manufacturer and disposal of 100 tons of plastic annually. In 2002, the  brand replaced its plastic lids with foil lids, cutting energy by 15 percent, and in the following year Stonyfield switched to polystrene. Today, it has introduced the first yogurt cup made from plants. Every Stonyfield Farm multipack yogurt cup will now be made from 93 percent PLA, a corn-based plastic, reducing carbon emissions by 48 percent. The innovative cups will look the same, feel the same and cost the same. The only difference is the “Made from Plants” stamp on the bottom.

“This new yogurt cup is something we've been working to achieve for years and we are excited to be able to introduce it now," explained Nancy Hirshberg, Stonyfield's vice president of Natural Resources. "Even without a recycling option in the early stages, plant-based plastic is already better for the planet than polystyrene because it produces lower carbon emissions and requires less fossil fuel to make.”

October 2010

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