To increase market share, SABMiller redesigned and repositioned REDD'S light beer as “a fashion accessory for stylish young women.”

When SABMiller first introduced REDD’S in Russia in 2004, the sweet, light beer was an instant success with women, its target demographic. The brand became one of the fastest growing products in SABMiller’s portfolio, and, at its height, it was enjoying 4.1 percent volume share of Russia’s premium beer market.

However, as global competitors launched similar beers, REDD’S struggled to justify its elevated price point and compete in what was becoming a crowded marketplace. The masculine beer cues and bland colors didn’t help - image-conscious women didn’t want to be seen drinking the product. As a result, REDD’S saw its volume market share fall.

The solution was to redesign and reposition the brand as “a fashion accessory for stylish young women” between the ages of 18 and 25. The updated glass bottles and cans feature an elegant logo, embossed ornamental details and a feminine color palette - maroon, purple and fuchsia.

The Bottom Line:In the first four months following REDD’S relaunch, when volume sales in the super-premium market fell by eight percent, the brand actually grew by 26 percent, proving that its new stylish appeal was paying off. REDD’S also saw a year-on-year sales growth of 22 percent and recorded its highest influx ever of new customers.