Bath Tissue Key: Know Purchase Driver

Bath tissue is one of those enviable categories of must-have products, regardless of economic conditions. A U.S. household on average purchases bath tissue about 10 times per year, grabbing 14 rolls per buying occasion.
But it’s also a crowded category.
Charmin leads the category with sales of $528.9 million, according to Information Resources Inc. (IRI) scanner data for a recent reporting period. However, like many of the leading brands, Charmin’s sales saw a decline.
One explanation could be that shrinking household size is reducing the number of consumers who buy bath tissue in bulk packages.
In this competitive environment, the scales may tip toward marketers who understand what motivates consumer purchase intent for their brand. segments consumers into three groups based on purchase intent for bath tissue.
- Premium shoppers consider cleansing ability and comfort, foremost. Price is a secondary issue.
- Regular users want performance, but price and value rise in importance.
- Extra-value users focus on roll size/life and price/value.

Seventh Generation Inc. uses a fourth tactic. It markets an eco-friendly message, which has helped make it one of Vermont’s fastest-growing companies over the past several years.
Both product and packaging support the brand’s message, “As gentle on the planet as they are on people.” Seventh Generation uses non-toxic, phosphate-free, biodegradable ingredients.

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Top 10 Brands  Dollar Sales
% Change
vs. Prior Year
Charmin $528.9 -1.4
Scott $484.2 -2.4
Quilted Northern $469.1 -6.3
Private Label $445.9 -4.0
Kleenex Cottonelle $424.7 7.8
Angel Soft $365.1 0.6
Charmin Ultra $265.1 -4.5
Quilted Northern Ultra $112.1 10.8
Kleenex Cottonelle Ultra $87.9 -13.6
Soft N Gentle $82.9 -25.0
Total Category $3,562.7 -2.9