New Package to Appeal Tea Drinkers.

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Sleek Pyramid-Shaped Tin Reflects Sophisticated Tea Culture
Specialty teas take on extra importance when their packaging is as artful as the act of tea brewing itself. Tempe, Ariz.-based Revolution Tea strikes an elegant pose with its pyramid-shaped T-Pot Revolution tin, housing 15 triangular bags filled with premium full-leaf tea. Each clear bag is crafted of nylon (said to allow more water through to max out the steeping process) and brews a 23-ounce pot of tea. The three-sided container earns extra favor for its resealable top, which serves to preserve the delicate flavors inside, and for a matte aluminum finish that lets it double as a sleek countertop accessory. Sturdy construction means consumers are likely to keep this tin around to store spices, herbs or kitchen utensils once the teabags are gone. Offered at a suggested retail price of $11.99, the T-Pot Revolution comes in eight flavors, including Earl Grey lavender, white tangerine and Revolution organic green.