Following Up on Developing Trends

Often, after we print an article in BRANDPACKAGING, we uncover added information on a trend we’ve identified. Here is more on a recent trend.
Fast food operators market on convenience, right? So why aren’t they capitalizing on the dashboard dining trend? Their counterparts, the makers of consumer food and beverage products, have already made a wildly successful push to make packaging more portable and easier to open and use in the car (think Gogurt).
Our recent report on the trend featured some of the more innovative CPG offerings (A Marriage of Convenience, January/February 2005), but there was essentially nothing to note from the fast food ranks.
Though there are signs of hope. Some chains are beginning to understand that, by simplifying their customers’ lives with packaging designed for convenience, they can drive purchasing behavior, enhance loyalty and distinguish their brands.  
Just last month, Burger King introduced Chicken Fries—French fry-shaped strips of chicken breast—in a fluorochemical-free Sylvacycle carton that fits snugly into a car cupholder and features a built-in well to house dipping sauce. The carton is also sized so consumers can easily hold it in one hand.
BK developed the recyclable and biodegradable carton with the help of Dopaco, out of Exton, Pa., marking the first time the quick-serve chain has offered a cupholder-friendly food product package. According to a company spokesperson, the carton came out of consumer research that indicated a need for packaging that is portable.
Our advice to other quick-serve chains? Pass on the research phase here and move straight into development. Trust us, convenience sells. BP
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