Following Up On Developing Trends

Multipacks Deliver Promotional Punch to Colorado Wines
Often, after we print an article in BRANDPACKAGING, we uncover added information on a trend we’ve identified. Here is more on a recent trend.
Multipacks have been a popular form of packaging for mass merchandisers because they offer value to consumers and a larger canvas for packaging graphics. We wrote about this topic in our May 2004 issue.
Recently, this trend has been spotted within the realm of wine packaging, as part of a promotional effort for the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board. Colorado, known for its world-class skiing, is also home to 33 commercial wineries.
Eager to garner attention for this burgeoning industry, the wine board envisioned a high-quality paperboard carton sturdy enough to hold three 750-ml bottles of wine yet visually compelling enough to appear more as a gift than a carry-out package.
Enter converter Warnecke Paper Box, who recommended Forte™, a 36-pt solid fiber board from MeadWestvaco. The substrate’s bright-white coated facing stock delivers brilliant aesthetics yet is strong enough to hold the wine bottles. Its smooth printing surface conveys the photographic approach of the vineyard sunset on the carton’s exterior, vibrant imagery designed to encourage more trial and repeat purchases and, hopefully, visits to the wineries.
Consumers have responded extremely favorably to the new package, and with variety-pack sales growing rapidly, the state of Colorado has increased the number of packages it buys to keep pace with increased demand. BP
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