Chocolate Packaging Redesign Creates Textured Feel
—Pauline Tingas, Senior Editor
Swiss-trained confectioner Markus Candinas says his Verona, Wisc., Candinas Chocolatier company composes the finest chocolates “without resorting to artifice or gimmickry”.
The same philosophy also drives his recently redesigned packaging system, which allows for quick assembly and durable shipping (the company does significant mail-order business) and helps the brand resonate more effectively with consumers’ current tastes.
“Ten years ago, when we did the first packaging, it was appropriate to have a more handmade, precious quality,” says Greg Wold of Planet Propaganda in Madison, Wisc. “But Markus [Candinas] wanted his brand to grow up a little with a modern look that is more in tune with today’s stylish, little luxuries.”
Wold’s firm chose 32 pt. chocolate vat-lined paperboard for both the insert and box. And it rejected the typical, glossy black and/or gold packaging, adding, instead, die-cuts, sleeves and sophisticated, SKU-specific color palettes to differentiate the brand. “The layered contrasting patterns create a textured feel to complement the complex flavors of the chocolates,” Wold says.
It’s not just chocolate buffs who’ve noticed. Candinas’ new packaging will be displayed at AIGA’s National Design Conference in September and, in December, at the National Design Center in New York.
Package design. At Planet Propaganda, contact Greg Wold at or 608.256.0000.