A Contemporary Image For a Historic Brand
By Jennifer Acevedo
“Premium” is a key attribute of the Grolsch Premium Lager brand. So when Grolsch recently undertook a packaging redesign, it focused on infusing the brand’s packaging with the same premium image as its name.
“The redesign of the packaging is more attractive and contemporary, which will appeal to our current Grolsch drinkers and attract new consumers,” says Peter Gyimesi, Grolsch vice president of marketing–Imported Beers. “Grolsch has a prestigious reputation as an excellent lager, and this new design reflects the exceptional quality and heritage of the brand.”
Throughout its nearly 400-year history, Grolsch has made only minor changes to its logo, which dates back to the first design in 1615. This current redesign, executed by London-based design consultancy DJPA Partnership, brings an energetic, contemporary feel to the brand across the company’s 16-ounce swingtop bottle, 12-ounce bottle and newly introduced can packages.
The Grolsch brand name and logo have been given greater prominence in the new design. The logo incorporates a visual representation of two types of hops, which give the lager its distinct taste.
Grolsch is also known for its emerald green glass bottles. To complement the hue, a more vibrant green has been incorporated into the secondary packaging for 12-packs and four-packs and into the logo itself.
“The eye-catching design of the new Grolsch packaging is delicately balanced to create greater prominence on the shelf, and on display, in a highly competitive and visually crowded market,” says Bas Besselink, Grolsch marketing manager, United States Beverage.
Bottles now feature a metallized label, which strengthens the brand’s premium image and lends a modern feel to the packaging. The new can design draws out the GB oval, which highlights the heritage of the Grolsch name and further builds on the brand’s premium credentials.
According to Besselink, consumer response, both in focus groups and in the market, has been overwhelmingly positive. In fact, since the redesign, sales of Grolsch Premium Lager are up nearly 25 percent, as per IRI data. BP
The author, Jennifer Acevedo, is the Editor-in-Chief of BRANDPACKAGING magazine.

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