Redesigned Wine Cooler Packaging Spurs Sales
By Jennifer Acevedo
The author, Jennifer Acevedo, is the Editor-in-Chief of BRANDPACKAGING magazine.
Few icons remind us of the “loafers with no socks” era of the 1980s better than the wine cooler. But sometimes, it’s just time for a makeover.
Once an 80s pop culture staple, the Seagram’s Cooler Escapes bottle has lost its wide neck and retro graphics in favor of a streamlined beer bottle shape with tropical-themed labeling. The redesign, conducted by Seagram’s in-house design team, is a compelling case study of how a brand experienced tremendous growth by branching away from its iconic look and re-branding its image.
“Seagram’s new, more contemporary image has led to strong growth over the summer, vastly outperforming its competition and the cooler category overall,” says Justin Fisch, senior brand manager of United States Beverage, which manages and markets Seagram’s Coolers. The brand is owned by Pernod-Ricard.
The redesign was undertaken as a result of consumer research that showed the brand needed more innovative packaging with a premium look. The new shape, which trades the “cone-shaped” bottle of years past for a substantial bottle that resembles a beer bottle, is a critical element of the redesign. Graphically, the festive, tropical theme of the brand’s flavors is carried through to the logo, labels and four-pack paperboard carriers.
The makeover, which coincides with Seagram’s celebration of 20 years of product history, also features the introduction of new flavors such as Mango Passion Paradise Punch and Green Apple AppleLicious.
“Consumer response has been extremely favorable,” says Fisch. “After several years of stagnating sales, Seagram’s Cooler Escapes is posting strong growth based on the redesign.” BP
The author, Jennifer Acevedo, is the Editor-in-Chief of BRANDPACKAGING magazine.

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