Smartwater Raises Its Packaging IQ
By Jennifer Acevedo

Glacéau is celebrating expanded distribution of its electrolyte-infused smartwater brand with a packaging redesign. NY-based design firm Moxie™ undertook the refresh, which better establishes the brand’s personality and conveys its advantages.
“The eye-catching packaging greatly enhances shelf presence while communicating smartwater’s unique benefits: vapor distilled for purity you can taste and electrolyte enhanced for rapid hydration,” says Rohan Oza, senior vice president of marketing at Glacéau.
The purity brand promise is supported by the elegant, virtually unadorned slender bottle. New graphics transcend the traditional boundaries of a label, taking on a fluid, raindrop-shape that flows across bottles of smartwater on the shelf. The effect is one of energy and movement that relates to the product’s electrolyte-enhanced benefit.
“We wanted to design a visual graphics system that would bring smartwater’s benefits to life,” says Tammy Vaserstein, creative principal at Moxie™. “Through the use of an iconic cloud lock-up we communicate the brand’s purity story: pure as the first drop of rain from a cloud.”
Smartwater is available in four sizes: a 20-ounce bottle, 750-ml sports bottle, 1-liter bottle and 1.5-liter bottle.
The new identity and design will be incorporated on all bottles, case shippers, multi-pack wrappers and trucks. Dedicated field marketing and sales teams and a fleet of Glacéau tasting vehicles will support the launch. BP
The author, Jennifer Acevedo, is the Editor-in-Chief of BRAND PACKAGING magazine.

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