Oh Baby! Look At Gerber Now
By Jennifer Acevedo

All three Gerber baby food lines—from infant to toddler—get a makeover.

Gerber has re-launched its line of baby foods—Infant, Organic and Graduates—with new product introductions and reformulations of existing ones. A new packaging system across the three lines helps consumers shop the category.
New York-based Zack Group designed the new brand architecture system to strengthen and modernize the Gerber logo across the food product lines. New packaging creates a stronger brand block and shelf presence for Gerber overall, yet allows for strong segmentation of categories within the line.
“All of the products now relate to one another,” says Jeff Zack, president of the Zack Group. “We created a brand architecture for Gerber which allows for consistency on base Gerber products and flexibility for branded categories.”
For the base Infant line, the redesigned Gerber logo includes a prominent blue arch for greater shelf presence and billboard effect. Appetizing product photography and vibrant colors complete the new brand architecture.
The new Organic line formerly branded “Tender Harvest”, includes improved communication of the products’ nutritional and health claims. A green band under the blue Gerber arch helps distinguish organic from the base brand, while artistic food renderings emphasize wholesomeness.
The Graduates line for toddlers borrows the prominent colors from the new logo to create a bold and colorful palette, and a systemized approach for entrees, snacks, and soups. Bright yellow, which is stronger on shelf than the brand’s fragmented and recessive former identity, is introduced as the new identity across all products. The blue Gerber arch serves as the endorsement while the larger Graduates logo dynamically swirls around a star icon. The enhanced typeface, appetizing product photography, and playful design add personality and excitement to the category. BP
The author, Jennifer Acevedo, is the Editor-in-Chief of BRANDPACKAGING magazine.

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