On Developing Trends

Everything old is new again
Looking to the past for marketing inspiration is nothing new. The “rise of retro” can likely be credited to boomers pining for the brands of their youth. But experts say the trend is also a consequence of our increasingly turbulent society. We most recently reported on this trend in the March 2006 issue of BRANDPACKAGING (archives at www.brandpackaging.com).
Anheuser–Busch is introducing Michelob Lager and Michelob Light in redesigned embossed teardrop bottles based on the original package launched in 1961. The new packaging signals a move to tap the brand’s heritage, which will also extend to product formulation. Michelob was originally an all-malt beer when it was first brewed in 1896. Drawing on that tradition, Michelob will again be brewed using 100 percent malt.
“The teardrop bottle was originally created to make the beer immediately identifiable in even a darkened bar or restaurant, and we’re going back to those roots,” says Eduardo Pereda, director of marketing, Michelob Family, Anheuser-Busch. “We think the tradition of the new bottles and the all-malt recipes will give adult beer drinkers two great reasons to rediscover Michelob.”
At the time of its creation, the teardrop bottle was described by industry journalists as a revolutionary packaging innovation. The unique bottle was designed to be recognizable in the low lighting of a lounge, while also appropriate for home dining and entertainment. The resulting teardrop bottle shape also balanced well with an easy grip for pouring.
Michelob’s new teardrop bottle is being supported by national television, print, radio and outdoor advertising focusing on the new packaging.