On Developing Trends

Smart packaging, specifically smart labels, can help brands arm consumers with valuable information. Food and beverage manufacturers, for instance, can benefit by providing customers details about freshness, nutrition and shelf life. We most recently reported on this trend in the September 2006 issue of BRANDPACKAGING (archives at www.brandpackaging.com).
Does that package of baking soda in the fridge seem past its prime? Arm & Hammer wants consumers to be able to answer that question with confidence. The brand recently introduced the FridgeFresh Refrigerator Air Filter, which features a “replacement indicator” label to let you know when it’s time to refresh the freshener.
Developed by WS Packaging, the label features a white strip that turns pink as time passes. When it’s completely pink, there’s no guessing it’s time to replace the product.
The pressure-sensitive label uses the chemical reaction between two microencapsulated proprietary materials to signal when it’s time to replace the air filter. Key objectives of the project were to make the label highly functional and easy to use. It also had to physically be part of the product casing, but not interfere with the functionality of the air filter device.
The device can be placed in the freezer or refrigerator and should last three months in the refrigerator and six months in the freezer. The flow-through design of the filter exposes two times the amount of baking soda to air compared to the regular one-pound box.
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