Cott Beverages launched a reduced-sugar orange cream soda in a limited-edition can for Halloween created by CROWN Beverage Packaging USA ( The can features an ink, supplied by Chromatic Technologies (, with phosphorescent pigments that emit a green glow in a dark environment to emphasize packaging graphics like the word Halloween; the mouth, eyes and nose of a large “orange-o-lantern”; and ghoulish eyes peering out of a black-and-purple forest. Cott packaged the soda in a smaller, eight-ounce format to underscore the product’s healthier positioning and to differentiate it from the sugar-laden treats typically offered during the holiday.
Each time one of Memorex’s Renew brand of electronics products is purchased through the end of November, the company will make a donation to the Arbor Day Foundation. The new brand took a lifecycle approach to environmental product design and manufacturing and packaging processes, making choices to use partially recycled plastics, recycled cardboard and interior “egg carton” trays made from 100 percent recycled paper; restricting hazardous materials like mercury and lead; and including educational inserts for consumers. “Our design decisions combined with the replanting of trees—each of which may remove more than one ton of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in its lifetime—help offset the carbon footprint of the products,” said Sergio Castillo of Imation Electronics [Memorex’s parent company].
Procter & Gamble has introduced a portable version of its Febreze fabric refresher. Called Febreze To Go, the 2.8-ounce bottle is intended for travelers and, as a result, is sized to comply with airline regulations limiting liquids in carry-on bags to three ounces or less. “Consumers have expressed the need to have Febreze available anytime, anywhere,” says brand manager Eric Huston. The brand has partnered with AAA to distribute brochures with travel tips from AAA experts and a coupon toward the purchase of Febreze To Go. The product is available nationwide at a suggested retail price of $2 for an individual bottle, and $4.99 for a pack of three.
Avon launched its ANEW Clinical Spider Vein Therapy in an angular, shallow tube and cap that reinforce the “clinical” positioning of the product. Created by World Wide Packaging (, the lean tube mimics the appearance of a medical device and is topped by a push/pull cap that is said to be one of the “most complex ever produced”. The claim is bolstered by the fact that it took 14 different machine processes just to apply metal over the polyprophelyne cap. The cap also features a flexible pintel, a closure mechanism, which squeezes back into the tube when the cap is closed and, once inside, expands to create an especially tight seal.
Celestial Seasonings research revealed consumers were finding it difficult to shop its line of tea, so the company launched a global rebranding, with a new logo and new packaging for each of its 90-plus flavors. The brand has traded its fanciful illustration style for one that is “more realistic” and product-focused. Honey Lemon Ginseng Green Tea, for instance, swapped the image of a warrior with fresh lemons and honey in an Asian landscape. Color bands and consistent positioning of flavor names and logos help consumers shop the set. Cartons are biodegradable and entirely recyclable, and, in an effort to reduce waste, the brand continues its practice of omitting strings and tags from tea bags.
Procter & Gamble has launched Dawn Simple Pleasures in a bottle with a separate air freshener that is attached to the base and activated when consumers release a tab. “We are always looking for innovative ways to offer consumers products that will make their everyday tasks more enjoyable,” says Dawn’s Glenn Williams. Dawn Simple Pleasures has been introduced in three scents—Water Lily & Jasmine, Apple & Pear and Lemon & Tangerine—and is part of P&G’s restaging strategy for Dawn, which divides the brand’s SKUs into a base, plus or premium tier. Simple Pleasures falls into the premium ranking.