Scrumptious Sauces in 60 Seconds
Royco’s line of sauces and gravies offers consumers the convenience and functionality of a heat-and-serve pouch—just pop it in the microwave for 60 seconds. The shaped retortable package includes a heat-free handle that the user can safely grasp to pour the heated contents directly from the pouch. Package converter: CLP Packaging Solutions (
Tea for One
Tea is rivaling coffee in popularity, and consumers are looking for on-the-go solutions for their new favorite hot beverage. Sugart’s iTea single-serving wand features a built-in mechanical filter system and perforated holes designed for the optimum brewing experience. Just grab a stick pack from purse or pocket, drop into hot water, and enjoy. Package converter: Alcan Packaging (
Water in a Pouch, for the Pooch
Wetbone is reportedly the first “water in a pouch” product for pets. The 16oz bone-shaped resealable standup pouch features two compartments: a reservoir for enriched water at the bottom and a drinking bowl on top. The design includes channels allowing water to fill the bowl, and ensures unconsumed water returns to the reservoir. Package converter: Ampac Flexibles (
Old World, with a Modern Twist
Daniele’s new Delizia President’s Prosciutto packaging combines proprietary label technology with high performance barrier films to make its case. Designed for the consumer, retailer and food processor, the package utilizes a resealable system that easily peels open, and is pressed to reseal. Package converter: Printpack (
Rotisserie Chicken Saves Time
The Hot N Handy Rotisserie Chicken pouch is a flexible all-in-one package that offers consumers convenience features from the store to the fridge. A built-in handle makes carrying the feast home, or to a party, a snap; a resealable zipper and slim profile are a smart solution for storing leftovers right in the pouch. Package converter: Robbie Manufacturing (
Perfect for a Picnic
We’ve seen wine in cans, wine in boxes, and now South Africa’s Arniston Bay offers its Chenin Blanc Chardonnay in a flexible on-the-go pouch. The 1.5L standup pouch has built-in handles for easy transport to the beach or a picnic; wine dispenses from an injection-molded, leak-proof tap with resealable cap. A new 250mL size offers grab-and-go convenience.