Traditional Guatemalan rum house Casa Botran wanted to celebrate its 75th anniversary with the world by introducing an exclusive new product. The launch is intended to be an invitation for co-creation — a tribute to bartenders and the world of mixology — allowing consumers to make the final decision on their perfect drinks and emulate mixologists in doing so. Branding and packaging design agency Appartement 103 used a crude wooden box to evoke the craft and preciosity perception of the product, which comes from the family’s private reserve and has been aged for up to 30 years. A 50cl rum bottle plus two mini 5cl bottles of spiced and citrus rum offer consumers the opportunity to explore different tastes by mixing them. The package boasts hot foil detailing, embossing and varnish, and textures and screening, which give the final presentation a tactile experience and balance handcrafting with modernity.