BP0612_NextNow_Img4_InBody.jpgTo mark its upcoming 140th birthday, Heineken launched an international design competition on Facebook. The task was to create a limited-edition bottle that symbolized how people will connect in the next 140 years, and to then collaborate with another competing designer. The winning design showcased the work of design student Rodolfo Kusulas of Monterrey, Mexico, and freelance designer Lee Dunford of Sydney. The front side of the bottle features the seven continents compressed together to form a single red star. The red star carries over to the other side of the bottle in which it is surrounded by 139 green stars that represent the galaxy and 139 years of connections. “Through a pioneering design process using digital space to unite creative talent from all around the world, Lee and Rodolfo have created a premium visual concept that summarizes how our world communicates through time,” says Mark van Iterson, Heineken’s global brand design manager. The limited-edition design will be available globally in December.