Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc., the oldest continuously operating paper mill in the U.S., officially launches the Envi Portfolio, a full complement of fiber-based solutions designed to provide eco-savvy brand owners with high-quality alternatives to plastics across a broad range of applications and end-uses.  

"Gap Inc. is committed to making sustainable choices that work for our customers and for the environment," says Jorge Perez-Olmo, senior marketing manager, Gap.  "Monadnock's Envi Portfolio of environmentally-friendly, recycled paper and gift card products allow us to bring this effort to our stores."

Like Gap, many leading global brands are already rolling out highly engineered solutions from the Envi Portfolio.

"Monadnock helps brands like ours continue to make more sustainable packaging choices without sacrificing performance, beauty or budget," says brand design manager Julie Colon of Burt's Bees.

Comprehensive in scope, the Envi Portfolio includes the following primary solutions for brands committed to environmental stewardship:

Envi Card Stock—100 percent renewable and recyclable wood fiber alternative to PVC and PLA often used in gift, loyalty, promotional and membership cards.  

Envi Wet Strength Label—100 percent post-consumer recycled fiber (PCW) labels that withstand the rigors from high-speed application lines straight through to the ice bucket.

Envi Tag/Ticket—100 percent PCW fiber offerings designed to effectively meet the marketplace need for environmentally friendly tags, tickets and on-garment identification.

Envi Durable Tag—Made withrenewable and PCW fiber, ideal for high-moisture, weather-resistant applications such as horticultural tags and exterior POP signage.

Envi Folding Box—Up to 100 percent PCW, bright white,high-caliper folding boxboard crafted to meet the marketplace need for environmentally friendly packaging.

Envi Shopping Bag—Up to 100 percent PCW stocks that effectively address growing state and local directives legislating the use of plastic shopping/carrier bags.

Envi Wallgraphics —Made with renewable and PCW fiber, these substrates are engineered to replace vinyl graphics for walls, windows and other rigid surfaces in the home and in commercial environments.

The Envi Portfolio can be highly customized to meet brand owners' aesthetic, performance and security requirements. To complement the launch, Monadnock has created a virtual environment on line where brand managers, interior designers, and service providers can envision the possibilities at

"For real, positive, and long-term change to happen, companies like Monadnock that go beyond just what's asked of them — to a place where their core ethic is about constantly reaching for the next level — are helping all of us on the value chain redefine what's possible, delivering ever smarter, and more forward-looking products," says Wendy Jedlicka, contributing editor for Wiley's "Packaging Sustainability" and "Sustainable Graphic Design."

Key environmental attributes common to the entire Envi Portfolio by Monadnock include:

  • FSC® Certified by Rainforest Alliance/Smartwood

  • Manufactured carbon neutral with 100 percent renewable electricity

  • Manufactured under a third-party certified ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System and a third-party certified 9001:2008 Quality Management System

  • Process and/or elemental chlorine free

"As the number of eco-savvy consumers grows, brand owners are increasingly sensitive to disjointed messaging in the marketplace as it relates to their environmental commitments in packaging and beyond," says David Lunati, vice president of marketing and business development for Monadnock. "To address their concerns, Monadnock worked in a 'connect and develop' fashion with leading brand owners to develop and launch the Envi Portfolio for brands committed to keeping quality high, costs low and impact on the planet to a minimum."