NEX Performance Films and Charter Films have agreed to merge their businesses together. The new company will operate under the name of Charter NEX Films Inc. Leadership for the company will be comprised of members of each company’s management team.

“We have a long history of respect for Charter as a competitor, and we are excited to now be partnering,” says Charter NEX Films CEO, Kathy Bolhous. “Together, we will continue to focus on providing quality products and service to our valued customers. We also plan to invest in additional extrusion capacity in the near future to serve the growing demand of our customers.”

The opportunity for the merger arose from the strong synergy between NEX and Charter Films. "With NEX, we have found the right company to partner with. Both companies have worked hard to establish themselves as high quality film manufacturers who pride themselves on being responsive to our customers," says Charter NEX Films President & COO, Chris Trapp. The companies serve similar markets and have outstanding industry reputations, complementary areas of specialization, and a long history of mutual respect.

Charter NEX Films, will continue to produce monolayer, coextruded, and barrier films for a wide variety of high performance film applications from its manufacturing facilities in Superior, Rhinelander and Milton, Wis., and Turners Falls, Mass.