I’m a sucker for a good makeover story. Doesn’t matter what’s being done up — houses, packaging, people — any category delights my heart. It’s not just me: I’ve yet to meet a single person who turns away from a chance to swoon over a swan. (Though, let’s be honest, part of the reason we revel in the big reveal is to judge the change. A typical mom-sister-me conversation after watching a show: “They went with yellow drapes? Should have done cream.”)

Makeovers range from radical (exactly how many plastic surgeries can one do in a day?) to minor (Twitter barely shifted the bird's color, shape and angle), but the purpose behind them is the same: to take something viewed as ugly, boring or dated — or to prevent an item from becoming such —and turn it into something better, fresher or easier to use.

So with you in mind, readers, BRANDPACKAGING has undergone a few tweaks of our own to keep the magazine enjoyable and helpful.

  1. Consumer Insight: This new research section in every issue looks closely at current data and demographic facts happening in the groups brands reach. Turn to page 26 to read up on packaging affected by consumers’ ages.
  2. Just Out: We've said goodbye to two separate product sections and built Next+Now into Just Out. Each month we'll examine new packaging, design trends, concept work and industry innovation in both a product category and a material. Page 32 will get you started.

In this issue, we also explore directions brands are taking in design (page 6) and technology advances (page 19) and include a take on being the best (page 12). And if you’re like me and can’t get enough before-and-after stories, turn to page 30 for one with consumer convenience as its goal.