HEINEKEN has launched the second stage of its global innovation challenge for creatives, innovators and designers to develop ideas on how to reinvent the beer drinking experience for the 60+ drinker. An often over-looked demographic, HEINEKEN is using its crowdsourcing platform, IdeasBrewery.com, to gather ideas on how to cater for this ‘liberated’ generation of consumers who enjoy more freedom from jobs, children, stress and strive more for quality of life, wellbeing and self-development.

HEINEKEN invites creative people from around the world to submit fresh ideas that will enhance the drinking experience for 60-70 year olds, taking into consideration the beer, the packaging and serving method. The challenge is to cater these new propositions to the unique lifestyle, attitudes and needs of this group. This is the second stage of the Ideas Brewery campaign which was launched at the beginning of the year, where HEINEKEN challenged the public to submit their observations on the lifestyles for 60+. The insights were then judged by Hollywood producer Donald Petrie, critically acclaimed photographer Naomi Harris, cultural commentator Kees van Duyn and two senior directors from HEINEKEN.

These insights, gathered from consumers across five continents via IdeasBrewery.com, fell under three main categories; "quality experiences," "learning and re-discovery" and "more time for social activities," and these should guide the thinking for the 60+ Ideas challenge responses.

The new challenge will be live on IdeasBrewery.com for nine weeks until June 27, 2013 and submissions will need to describe the idea clearly, reference how they address the above themes, how it benefits the consumers and be accompanied by supporting material. Six finalists will be invited to Amsterdam, Netherlands, to join a workshop with HEINEKEN experts who will help build the ideas. From this, three will be selected by an expert jury including Dominic Wilcox (Speed Creator), Alex Goh (Designtaxi.com), Daniel Quinn (Happen.com) and two senior HEINEKEN innovation experts to share the $10,000 prize fund.

Talking about the challenge, HEINEKEN Innovation Program Manager Ellen Bark-Lindhout says, “Here at HEINEKEN we understand that every relevant consumer group should be targeted specifically and that marketers can tend to ‘lose interest’ in the 60+ generation. This is why we have launched this challenge on the IdeasBrewery.com, a global crowdsourcing platform which we have successfully used to generate high quality and viable ideas from creatives, experts and our consumers. We embrace innovative and fresh ideas so this platform will help us find solutions that make the drinking experience better for a group who truly appreciate quality.”

Eva and Cuto, product designers from Stone, have taken on the creative challenge to provide entrants with inspiration. Speaking about the new challenge on the IdeasBrewery.com, Eva and Cuto say, “Working on the Ideas Brewery was a hugely fun challenge to be part of and personally, was very inspirational. We both love being creative, but normally spend large amounts of time bouncing ideas off just each other. In the 60 seconds, we came up with a bigger bottle and a carafe, and a range of mini bottles in a luxury carry box, for people to try out different tastes and share with friends. This is something we believe fits the 60+ consumers, who still eager to rediscover new products.”