Bio-tiful DairyBio-tiful Dairy has chosen M&H Plastics to work with it on the packaging for its new range of organic dairy drinks.

The range of three products has been produced from an authentic Russian Kefir recipe and is the inspiration of Natasha Bowes, a former figure skater originating from Moscow. The organic dairy drinks aim to use the highest quality organic milk from a dedicated cowherd in the South Downs countryside. They contain only natural ingredients which are a source of essential vitamins. No sugar or preservatives; just billions of live microorganisms.

The bottle shape is unique. It was designed by Natasha Bowes and aims to echo the digestive benefits and lightness of the natural dairy drinks. M&H interpreted the brief to produce an exclusive design for the bottle which would mould around the hand making it a pleasure to hold, either at home or in transit. M&H worked closely with Bio-tiful Dairy to ensure that the design offered maximum convenience to the consumer. The bottle shape and tamper-evident cap work together resulting in a bottle that makes it easy to drink ‘on the go’ and reseal later ensuring that the nutritious drink is there to support you whatever the day’s demands. The structure is designed to compliment the graphics and is shrink-sleeved.

The bottles are produced from a high grade recyclable material which offers protection for the drinks and supports the four-week shelf life. The organic product range is reportedly light in taste, refreshing and nutritious with a powerful vitality kick.