OasyA brand is supposed to tell a part of consumers' lives, representing their expectations, recalling best memories, showing them the way they want to feel like. Feelings, emotions, passions are not meant as an a artifical statement, but are portrayed as an expression of human authenticity. How does a brand accomplish these ambitious goals? Telling the true story is a good start.

Oasy, the new high-quality line by Wonderfood centered on a balance between taste and nature, aims to tell about a whole, peaceful world populated by pets, and by people who love their pets. A positive, natural place where animals are welcome and respected as a lovely part of the family, as narrated on the packaging crafted by BREAK, an Italian branding agency, showing children and puppies inseparably playing together.

Oasy aims to succeed in achieving a distinctive, impactful positioning by simply depicting the authentic, genuine love story between a pet and its owner.