TAG SystemFor its new SUBSTIANE [+] SERUM, the laboratories of La Roche Posay have doubled the concentration of PRO-XYLANE compared to the rest of the range and have chosen to use LR2412 at its active concentration level.

At these levels, the two molecules have clinically demonstrated impressive effectiveness. Pro-Xylane recreates substance deep-down, while LR2412 restructures the skin and works in complementary way to restore volume all the way up to skin’s surface.

Such a potent serum was worthy of a container as high-tech as the formula within, according to the Lumson, and this reliable packaging delivers all the serum’s benefits, right down to the last drops.

TAG-System is a cosmetic packaging product designed, patented and manufactured exclusively in Italy by Lumson. TAG, which stands for Techno Airless Glass, is a system that is designed to combine the beauty and preciousness of a glass bottle with the technical and functional advantages of an airless system.

For SUBSTIANE [+] SERUM, La Roche Posay chose a 30 ml glass bottle with white spray colouring on the inside of the glass bottle (Glass Enhancer finish), a UV metallized matt silver pump with a white actuator and a clear overcap. The packaging aims to represents the colour and the positioning of La Roche Posay brand at its best.