When I was a fresh and foolish first-year art student, I though design was so subjective. How could I possibly please my teachers and get good critiques from classmates when we all had different styles? Then, I matured in knowledge. Yes, design will always be subjective (See such things as the NYC Garbage cubes: You’ll either love or hate them.), but I learned a basic truth — it is much more about creating a solution than a pretty picture. 

Brand owners, where does the production of your product’s packaging fall on that learning scale? Have you been tempted to ask for a design similar to a competitor’s (or whatever company is most in the news at the time), because its brand seems to sell a lot? That solution is its own: It won’t work for your brand, though there’s nothing wrong with admiring and wanting certain style characteristics, of course. 

A much better position to take is your brand’s stance: Are you able to easily share its reason for being with designers, so they can come up with a personalized concept that makes sense for your brand?

Any brand can go to any talented firm and come away with an eye-catching design. But brands that can convey their story will come away with a design that not only catches eyes and initial sales but also creates a relationship between company and consumer.

Designers, you’re busy, and you know brand owners work just as hard as well. In One Smart Cookie, read through a few refreshers on how to best serve the brands you work for as you come up with the perfect solution. Everyone will also enjoy Those Were the Days, a look at one specific package style: why it appeals to buyers and how to implement it with brands.

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