LIERAC HommeBrandimage, a leading global consultancy of brand equity architects and designers, has designed a new generation of high-tech skin boosting product range for men: LIERAC Homme.

LIERAC,  one of France’s leading dermo-cosmetic brands, specializing in anti-ageing products, is launching LIERAC HOMME. With a new brand, new packaging and new ingredient (Skin Power 5), LIERAC is providing men with a range that revamps skincare routines.

At the core of LIERAC Homme formulas lies a powerful cellular revitalizing agent, Skin Power 5, made of 5 minerals and oligo-elements (calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese) giving the skin an all essential boost.

LIERAC Homme is a range that covers every stage of skincare routine. It comprises six cleansing and shaving products (shaving foam and gel, deodorant, shower gel, aftershave, cleanser-toner), two everyday products (anti-fatigue and moisturizer) and three expert products (eye area, all-over anti-age serum, repair serum). 

Brandimage has chosen masculine colors and an understated high-tech structure in black and silver to federate the entire line on store shelves. The design ensures the LIERAC Homme branding in its black structure is aligned on almost all products, creating a greater visual impact in pharmacies. In the center, a line of color clearly differentiates the ranges and acts as a marker on shelves (navy blue for shaving and washing, grey-blue for everyday, red for expert products).

The information is designed to be clearly organized and highlighted by the packaging structure. The color markers contain the product name, helping customers efficiently pick out the product they need.

With this streamlined and elegant design, LIERAC wanted to offer men a complete range of high-tech products with a premium positioning, boasting the brand’s high-end dermo-cosmetic formulas.