American Born MoonshineSean Koffel and Patrick Dillingham, owners of start-up Windy Hill Spirits, hired Flowdesign to develop the bottle structure, label design, carton graphics and custom closure for their new product line — American Born Moonshine. 

Sean and Pat are proud of the fact that every element of American Born Moonshine is made in the U.S.: from the “glass jar” style reminiscent of days of prohibition; to the unique, patented lid design that allows bartenders or home drinkers to remove a cork in the middle of the top to pour individual drinks or use a regulated pour spout; to the most important element, the moonshine itself. 

You can enjoy American Born Moonshine by removing the cork or by unscrewing the whole top — maybe to pass around at a tailgate party. Each of the three flavors, Original, Dixie and Apple Pie, are distinguished by color-coded cork strip stamps and secondary front labels placed over the main label. 

“Sean and Pat were great to work with and their product, American Born Moonshine, has many things going for it in order to achieve success: taste, branding, unique packaging and a strong management team,” says Dan Matauch, principle of Flowdesign.