The story:

New for spring 2014, InZone Brands has unveiled an entirely new portfolio strategy for kids’ juice.

The vision of founder Jim Scott has been to help kids lead healthier and happier lives, so InZone evolved its brand and product strategy to better position the company toward this goal. The new good2grow brand and supporting marketing campaign enable it to reach a much broader group of consumers seeking “better for you” products that do not require sacrifice of taste.

The challenge:

To tackle such a big initiative, Carl Sweat, chief marketing and commercial officer of InZone, called on Paula Grant, CEO at Flood Creative NY, an independent branding and design agency born from an entrepreneurial spirit. Sweat and Grant worked together for years at FUZE beverage until its eventual sale to Coca-Cola.

“In my time running FUZE, I was very impressed with Paula’s creative vision and passion for building brands that resonate among today’s health-conscious consumers. The fact that Paula co-founded FUZE afforded her a unique perspective on the critical consumer-to-commercial link that many designers simply do not possess,” says Sweat.

“Of course it was great to work with Carl again,” Grant comments. “But even more so, as both a parent and designer, I know the value of having a product that is a win-win. My kids love the SippaTop caps, and I want them to drink something healthy. I wanted to create a design that would boost the health benefits but remain fun. Nothing from the original design was retained, and that was an exciting challenge. ”

Renée Whitworth, strategic partner at Flood adds, “Some marketers and designers do not give kids enough credit for appreciating simple, modern design. Technology and the ‘less is more’ approach of digital design have changed what can appeal to kids. There is no need to adopt the stereotypical look.”

The solution:

To serve the founder’s ideals for better health, the organic apple juice and 100 percent apple juice and fruit punch products are joined by new fruit and veggie blends which contain one combined serving of fruits and vegetables, deliver 100 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin C, and have up to 28 percent less sugar than other 100 percent juice products.

Prior to launch, InZone partnered with global marketing technology company Affinnova for in-depth quantitative research to support the courageous shift to a new brand name, new design and new products. That data supported the restage to senior management and current retail partners, and it opened doors with new channels of distribution. In addition to a strong convenience store presence and Walmart distribution, good2grow has also been picked up by Target as an offering in its guest cafés.

 The launch of good2grow will be supported by a robust marketing campaign featuring an integrated social media platform and advertising buys across top women’s print and digital outlets. The brand will also be featured in two national mom-centric outreach programs to encourage sampling and drive trial with families with children aged 2 to 10. 


Flood Creative NY