The visual effect of metallized film, combined with a brushed finish appearance, is one way for brands to announce their arrival on the shelf. Two industry veterans who have worked with brushed films are announcing their return to the packaging films industry.

After an absence of two years, the urge to return to the manufacturing sector proved too strong for Jim Parker and Charlie Yetka, resulting in their decision to go back to producing the brushed films. The result is the formation of Metal FX Films LLC, based in Bridgewater, N.J.

The 16,000 square-foot manufacturing facility and offices in Bridgewater is now operational and producing brushed films that, according to co-founder Yetka, “will surpass in quality and appearance anything on the market today.”

Parker and Yetka’s combined 80 years of production experience will be linked with their on-time scheduling expertise, creativity, and an infinite commitment to unparalleled quality and customer service, according to the men. Their experience began in hot stamping before entering the brushed films industry with its eye-catching visuals that stand out on store shelves. 

“Our intention is to return brushed films to the pinnacle of the world’s decorative, graphic films,” Jim Parker explains. “We are proud to now begin our new company with a renewed commitment to users and designers who can introduce this magnificent film to their customers knowing it is the finish to get their product noticed.”

The two partners forming the new Metal FX Films LLC have known each other since their youth, working together producing decorative graphic films almost 40 years ago. They can be reached at and