Launched at PCD Paris 2019, Fresnels Innovations Inc. will help packagers and converters as the Sino American company’s optical enhancement products continue to become increasingly available to international markets.

The move will focus on providing products that lead to packaging efficiency, value improvement and product enhancement. In particular, innovation that facilitates the ability to apply new eye-catching color shifting effects to luxury packaging through the use of stamping foils and plastic-free transfer films instead of inks and laminates.

The global luxury packaging market is anticipated to be worth than $21 billion by 2024, with current growth at approximately 5% a year.

There are large opportunities opening up in the international retail packaging markets, which Fresnels Innovations will be looking to tap into, according to COO Dr Glenn Wood.

Dr Wood added: “Luxury brands and their packaging manufacturers want to create packs that build a connection with the consumer and evoke the quality of the product through the use of quality materials and refined processes.

“That’s where Fresnels Innovations can fit in. It’s a really exciting move that adds to our capacity to bring innovative, recyclable technologies to brand owners.

“They’re demanding differentiation in their packaging through the use of eye catching effects that combine elegance with value for money as part of an overall eco-friendly solution. The fact that our optical features also impart a barrier to counterfeiting, is an attractive bonus.”

He added that as Fresnels Innovations looks to grow its approach and extend global reach, it would offer customers insight and technical support, enabling them to capture market opportunities and introduce exciting new products.

“The division will also be able to leverage its technology to meet the need for high quality, high volume production and short lead times, providing enhanced operation efficiency and cost-effective supply chains to brand owners,” he added.

Fresnels Innovations will draw on the experience gained in China supplying retail packagers and the government controlled and technologically demanding tobacco industry as it continues to develop its presence globally.

The move will see it utilizing Fresnel Inc.’s current expertise to service the broader western wine and spirits, tobacco, cosmetics and health care markets in addition to the opportunities for the technology in the USA and Europe.

Fresnels Innovation is part of Fresnel Inc., a privately funded company, led by technology providers with 100 years of combined expertise in the commercialization of optical microstructures. Its technology is supported by customer services, technological excellence and experience in relationship building in key markets.