Soft & GentleThe LINDAL Group, a leader in aerosol packaging technology, has its industry reference Carla actuator — a bestseller for personal care and cosmetic products, as well as household and pharma applications — selected for the relaunch of the U.K.’s Soft & Gentle, a leading line of antiperspirant deodorants for women.

Lindal Group’s best-selling Carla is a versatile, off-the-shelf solution designed for ease of customization, to ensure optimal shelf differentiation. Its smooth, sleek, ergonomic design communicates quality and modernity for a wide variety of products across the personal care market spectrum, according to the company.

“The Lindal Group’s Carla actuator is modern, stylish and expresses the brand’s new positioning,” says Alicia Mendez, new product development manager, Godrej U.K. “We are very pleased with the quality, look and feel of this actuator.”

Soft & Gentle, with nearly four decades of brand equity, is one of the most trusted and innovative brands in its category, having introduced the first “non-sting” range, for sensitive skin, back in 1976. Today, the brand is a leading U.K. female deodorant brand with a reputation for quality. The brand was acquired in 2012 from Colgate-Palmolive by Godrej U.K., the U.K. subsidiary of the Indian-owned company Godrej Consumer Products Ltd (GCPL).

Lindal Group’s Carla is also suitable for today’s “concentrated solutions” and reportedly offers brand owners a smooth transition from standard products to the small can sizes that have recently captivated both consumers and retailers. Lindal is one of the industry leaders in developing aerosol solutions that can handle concentrated formulas, such as those used in the new-breed “compressed” deodorants. Such packaging can cut propellant and solvent use by as much as 50 percent and is an eco-friendly, patented technology that provides improved spray quality and low flow rates.