Men’s lifestyle brand Swagger is a premium brand to provide men with grooming products. The Swagger brand provides products for men’s face, body and hair care. All of this designed and manufactured by Art & Design International (ADI) in Seoul, South Korea.

The Swagger brand represents the intelligent, chic, urban man in need of high-quality grooming products. “In our research we found out that men don’t like to be bombarded with four or five creams to put on their face. They want on-point, effective solutions and that is what Swagger does, by only providing products that are really necessary," says the creative team. Swagger believes it’s important to focus on providing products that are essential for men rather than only encouraging them to buy.

ADI has put focus on the product’s quality as well as making the design an important part of the developing process of Swagger.

“We find it very important that our products look and feel premium,” the team says. For the design and packaging of its shower gel line, Swagger chose to take inspiration from the shape and paper bags often used to pack whiskey bottles. With this kind of packaging Swagger aims to show its environmental responsibility, since the outer packaging only requires a sheet of recycled paper — all of this while providing the customer with a unique and tactile experience.

ADI’s choice for Swagger’s packaging design will definitely stand out between the other competing men’s grooming products, and the lifestyle brand hopes to positively influence the customer’s point-of-purchase process.

Having already been recognized by renowned design publications and winning several national design awards in South Korea, including 2012 Good Design Award, will definitely put both Swagger and ADI as well-respected design orientated companies. Swagger is working its way up in the domestic market, and the products are sold in several Korean beauty and department stores. The men’s grooming brand is expanding to Southeast Asia quickly as it is preparing to launch Swagger in the Central Chidlom Department Store in Bangkok, Thailand.

In 2012, Swagger was acquired by YG Entertainment, one of the top record labels and talent agencies in South Korea whom has recording artists like 2NE1, BigBang and Psy under their label.

The creative team behind the Swagger brand is Art & Design International (ADI) an English design consultancy based in Seoul, South Korea. Some of ADI’s clients include one of the biggest bakeries in South Korea Tous Les Jours, one of the biggest coffee shops A Twosome Place and K-pop artist Jae Joong Kim’s recently opened Cafe J Holic in Seoul.