The Naked Grape Wine announces the national launch of its new 3L Box, reportedly the most-awarded 3L box wine in U.S. competitions with 65 gold medals and more than 330 total awards to date. The 3L box delivers the same high-quality product found in The Naked Grape glass bottles — all in one compact, convenient packaging that’s easy on the planet, says the company. Along with providing real, fresh-tasting and original wine, each 3L box of The Naked Grape is fully recyclable across the country from bag to box, reportedly the first and only of its kind.

“We are seeing a resurgence in the popularity of box wine today, with the number of new high-tier 3L boxes growing 35 percent since 2009,” says Stephanie Gallo, vice president of marketing for The Naked Grape. “The box format preserves the freshness of the wine and allows people to enjoy it in more places where glass can’t go. Our new 3L box has the same great taste you’ll find in our bottles, but with less waste.”

Whether in a bottle or box, The Naked Grape wines are crafted to show off the full and unique fruit expression of each wine varietal, baring the true flavor of every grape. A 3L box of The Naked Grape wine contains the same amount of wine as four bottles and stays fresh for up to four weeks after opening, allowing for easy enjoyment of single servings. This packaging is also designed to be perfect for large gatherings, picnics and places where glass is forbidden.

To ensure all materials found in The Naked Grape wine box packaging — from the cardboard box to the inner bag and spout — are fully recyclable across the country, The Naked Grape partnered with TerraCycle, a company committed to keeping used wine boxes out of landfills by recycling or upcycling them into new, unique products. Once finished enjoying the wine inside, consumers can send the empty packaging to TerraCycle for free to give it a second life by recycling or upcycling it into park benches, bike racks, recycling bins and more. To learn more about this partnership, visit

“Americans recycle or compost just over 34 percent of the waste they generate,” says TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky. “We count on companies like The Naked Grape to try to help increase that number by giving consumers a way to recycle packaging that might otherwise get thrown away.”