NorthPak Container Corporation announced its merging with sister office, SouthPak Container, and a new name for the combined company: Pipeline Packaging. Notices went out to customers and manufacturers in mid-August. The official start date for the Pipeline brand is today, September 1.

“This change is the result of a lot of research and self-discovery,” explains Pipeline president Mary Dahl. “Using two outside agencies, Ashton Business Solutions for interviewing/data collation and Boondock Walker for the name and brand development, we took the last year to learn how the market views us and whether or not we are meeting their expectations as well as our own.”

“A pipeline is simply a conduit to get much needed information and resources to a place where they can be easily used. That’s exactly what we do for our customers with our products and core services. Our customers even helped create the new tagline, ‘People at the Core’. Pipeline’s goal has always been to employ people who will sincerely try to understand and help the customers with their packaging needs. The customer interviews show that we’re successfully meeting that goal.”

The new name and brand has already been promoted through a new website, suite of brochures, PowerPoint presentations and social media engagement. Prior to the launch, Dahl and Pipeline director of marketing, Sean Smith, visited every office. Together, they presented the Pipeline Packaging brand, sharing how it came about and how every person in the company contributed to its creation. “A brand is as much about a company’s culture as it is a sales tool,” responds Dahl. “It was important to us to keep everyone up-to-date with the brand project and let them know what they have helped to create.”