I’ve been tired this week. It feels wrong to admit that publicly, a bit like a business no-no. But you know as well as I do that no matter how much we love our work, and despite the way we all try to be superhuman, we are human, and we’re real people. And so are your customers.

While doing some scouting at the shelf for this issue, I happened upon a local brand of coffee: Detroit Bold from Detroit Bold Coffee Co. (formerly AJ’s CoffeeWorks). The packaging is simple but standout: a small brown bag, with a red label and white text on my chosen blend.

Forgive me for sounding slightly pitiful, but buying that product was a respite in my week. Sure, the caffeine helped, but that little bag of coffee felt so authentic. The Detroit spirit — hardworking, determined, unshakeable — meaningfully comes through in the copy. The kraft paper bag felt humble, strong, attainable.

I picked up the coffee on that busy Wednesday because the brand connected with me through its package design. Humans desire genuine, poignant interactions, even in their buying experiences, and especially in hectic hours. Days later, it still makes me happy every time I walk into the kitchen and see that diminutive yet powerful pack on the counter. Good brand packaging forms fast connections with consumers.

If you don’t already know it, find your brand equity, and use it proudly in your art. Design in a way that is true to your brand’s reason for being; put some depth into your structures. Think of your buyers as the complex, real people they are. Create packages that make your fans care.

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