Raybern’s, the company behind the top U.S.-selling Philly cheesesteak sandwich, stands out in the frozen food cases more than ever thanks to a newly completed packaging graphic redesign by leading global brand agency CBX. Created by the company’s founder more than 30 years ago, Raybern’s original bread recipe delivers a deli-soft roll after 90 seconds in the microwave. The bread is baked daily onsite and is one of the key sandwich components. The meats are artisanally seasoned, cooked and sliced deli thin. To complete the authentic experience, the sandwiches are handcrafted and individually wrapped in butcher paper. CBX’s redesign focused on clarity and consistency as well as the artistic and emotive side of the Hayward, Calif.-based brand. The branding firm’s introduction of classic typographical elements also helped increase shelf presence and enhance the overall impression. www.cbx.com