ColorLogicToolColor-Logic has released Image-FX, a software plug-in that automatically creates a metallic ink separation for conventional printing or a white ink separation for use with metallic substrate. The Photoshop plug-in is available to Adobe Creative Cloud users and produces images particularly effectively in wide-format and UV printers.

Color-Logic Chief Technical Officer Richard Ainge, commenting about the introduction, says: "The Color-Logic Image-FX plug-in analyzes photographic images and automatically calculates the required metal effect for different tonal regions. This automated tool eliminates the costly and time-consuming hit-or-miss approach of integrating metallics into an image. In conventional printing, metallic ink is used only where required, thus cutting ink consumption. When printing on metallic substrates, the tool eliminates the tedious task of cutting white ink masks. Designers requiring vector treatment of their images, or any of the other dramatic Color-Logic special effects, can upgrade to the full Color-Logic Design License at any time."

The Color-Logic Image-FX tool may be downloaded from the Color-Logic website,, for $699 per year, or $75 per month.