PolyOne Corporation, a premier global provider of specialized polymer materials, services and solutions, announces the release of its InVisiO Color Inspiration 2016, a collection of four influential and emerging colors. These collections, which draw upon global trends and expertise in color research, have been developed for brands and designers to inspire future creative decision-making.

“These four palettes help stimulate the creative minds of designers to incorporate up-and-coming color trends into their designs,” says Fernando Sanchez, director, global marketing, PolyOne Global Color and Additives. “Whether they are developing a new color range or adapting existing colors to accommodate a new phase in their product’s lifecycle, these innovators can work with InVisiO services throughout the design development process to bring their vision to life.”

Color Inspiration 2016 includes the following four color stories:

Power Play• Power Play echoes the erosion of convention. A blend of bold saturated colors work together to tell the story of this new era of empowerment. Pink is reclaimed as a symbol of strength for both men and women, championed for its versatility and positive connotations.

Basic Instinct

• Basic Instinct places emphasis on the constant and accelerating pace of change on our planet. As we evolve to cope with these changes, we look at the way life forms on earth manages the extremes in their environments – often with primitive elegance. Unique survival characteristics such as bioluminescence become a major inspiration, combined with unexpectedly colorful camouflage and fluorescent pigments that feature high impact hues found under the sea.
Brain Reign

• Brain Reign embraces a palette of cerebral hues that are engaged and plugged in. Electric blue channels the energy of synaptic exchange, while vibrant orange generates feelings of optimism and encourages positive consumer behavior. Super-charged highlighter yellow is softened with transparency, and subtle notes of pale grey and blush offset and humanize this Technicolor surge.
Divergent Desire

• Divergent Desires deals with the paradox of connected disconnectedness by exploring the convergence of technology and nature in unexpected and often ironic ways to reconcile these divergent desires. Products embrace natural materials and color application while utilizing sophisticated technological innovation. Colors are expressed with multidimensional finishes that showcase polymer creativity with an elemental edge.