Transparent Container Co. Inc. an industry leader in retail packaging solutions, has achieved G7 Master Printer status in January 2015, allowing its customers to benefit from the best color management available today, according to the company.

The IDEAlliance G7 Master Program is a qualification program that identifies those creatives, premedia and printing companies who have been trained to proof or print to G7 Neutral Print Density Curves and can meet print buyer requirements to produce proofs or printed output conforming to the metrics that reliably render brand images across print locations and different printing types. The qualification mark means that the printer uses the modern technology based on colorimetry, and employ G7 process controls. G7 Masters bear the IDEAlliance seal of approval. Attaining G7 Master status is a competitive goal for those providing creative, premedia and printing services, worldwide.

G7 is both a definition of grayscale appearance, and a calibration method for adjusting any CMYK imaging device to simulate the G7 grayscale definition. G7 yields a visual match between different imaging systems using simple one-dimensional curves, and enables shared appearance between different printing devices or specifications when additional color management is not available. G7 utilizes one of the implementation methods of the new ISO 10128 standard for near-neutral calibration. A key benefit of G7 is that it is device independent. The G7 neutral print density curve (NPDC), gray balance definitions and calibration methodology are the same for any imaging technology, regardless of substrate, colorants, screening technologies, etc. The NPDC at the heart of the G7 grayscale definition was derived by analyzing the neutral tonality of typical ISO Standard commercial offset printing using computer-to-plate technology. G7 should not be confused with GRACoL7, which is the 7th edition of the GRACoL Specification.