Mondelez Brazil has introduced a rounder packaging for its Philadelphia cream cheese. The new design increases user-friendliness because consumers can spoon out the cheese more easily. It also is designed to reinforce the brand’s visual identity, because retailers can now stack the product more efficiently on the shelves. Mondelez launched the new packaging in Brazil in September 2014. It has been widely available since January 2015.

Mondelez Brazil selected Verstraete IML’s in-mold labels because of the print quality. The company is also able to decorate all sides of the packaging with a single label.  Mondelez Brazil opted for DoubleSided IML, labels that are printed on both sides, for more marketing opportunities. With the new labels, the brand now prints recipes on the inside of the lids.

“We resolutely choose to work with Verstraete IML because we believe in the company’s innovative policy: in its market approach, processes, products and organization,” says Juliano Brites Rodriguez, marketing K&S Mondelez Brazil. “Thanks to offset printing, we can obtain the excellent print quality we want. And, we finish the same packaging with a wide range of materials, inks and varnishes. This allows us to permanently stand out on the supermarket shelves. Additionally, Verstraete IML’s regional office in Sao Paulo is always ready with advice and support. And we swear by Verstraete IML’s superb customer service, with communication in our own language (Portuguese).”